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Artist-in-Residence Lecture: Aya Oki, Brandyn Callahan, and Phirak Suon

The Studio
November 21, 2019 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Glassmakers Aya Oki and Brandyn Callahan, and designer Phirak Suon will be Artists-in-Residence at The Studio November 1 through 30. Listen to them discuss their work and projects during this informal lecture on November 21.

During her residency, Oki is building large-scale sculpture out of many transparent, patterned bubbles. Callahan and Suon are exploring how digital fabrication and 3-D printing can influence how we produce and think about glass as a material.

Free and open to the public; no reservations required.


Brandyn Callahan became entranced with glass when he discovered the community of glassworkers in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. That infatuation led him to begin his formal glassblowing education in 2009 when he walked into a local studio and...
The interaction between glass and the life brought to it through blowing is what brings Aya Oki to glassmaking and continues to fascinate her. She controls the materiality of glass and uses her personal process to illuminate it. Her work often turns...
Phirak Suon
With a background in ceramics, architecture, and digital fabrication, designer Phirak Suon brings a unique perspective to glassmaking. Suon has been working with glassblower Brandyn Callahan since 2016, and together they explore methods between and...